How are you?

Well 100 days in to lockdown measures across the UK and 100 days since many teams simply closed the office/shop door and said hasty goodbyes and set up their spaces at home. Juggling work, looking after/educating children, concerning about the world and our actions within it. To name a few, its been a few monthsContinue reading “How are you?”

A time to grow

Encouraged by a number of wonderful women and friends running their own businesses during this unprecedented time we’ve decided that its time to, slowly (!), get the show back on the road…or in this case online! We will be doing a number of things to start to put Olive + Blossom back on the teamContinue reading “A time to grow”

This is us.

Hello and welcome to our blog site. Here we will discuss all things teams, team building, creativity and of course flowers and the effects they can have on your team.

Starting out

When starting out on your own the advice is often to do what you know. From a work people perspective, I have learnt many things over the last 15 years.  I know from my time in industry and MCIPD qualification that whatever business you are in, if you get your people dynamics and strategies closeContinue reading “Starting out”

The Teambuilder

I’ve always been the ‘teambuilder’ (for those of you wanting a better definition…that’s the person who is interested in bringing others together and wants to create harmony amongst the group). I’m unsure where this came from, perhaps being the youngest of 3 and the only girl contributed to this? Anyway, I digress. I’ve worked inContinue reading “The Teambuilder”

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