How are you?

Well 100 days in to lockdown measures across the UK and 100 days since many teams simply closed the office/shop door and said hasty goodbyes and set up their spaces at home.

Juggling work, looking after/educating children, concerning about the world and our actions within it. To name a few, its been a few months of intense emotions. And yet teams have continued and adapted.

I know at Olive + Blossom just this week I have found it the ‘right time’ to start the conversation again, to see how we can add support, meaning, fun and joy to team online conversations and activities.

So maybe now might be the right time to ask a genuine ‘How are you’? and listen carefully to the answer.

Now might be the time to book in some time together where you discuss the future instead of the immediate fires.

Now might be the time to do something different, together. A friend of mine said that their team is done with the pub quizzes now and are ready to come together to do something with more meaning. Another told me their team is just tired of responding and needs to be rewarded with some fun, to fuel the joy and energy for the next half of the year.

So I’m simply asking how are you? how is your team?

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