A time to grow

Encouraged by a number of wonderful women and friends running their own businesses during this unprecedented time we’ve decided that its time to, slowly (!), get the show back on the road…or in this case online!

We will be doing a number of things to start to put Olive + Blossom back on the team radar and support them during what has not only been a really busy but also sometimes personally challenging time.

Teams continue to work remotely in many cases and are increasingly looking to come together on something non work related. With pub quizzes and a little bit of online fatigue setting in I’m hoping our couple of offerings will help inject some summer energy and fun back into their calls or downtime.

So starting today you can now buy a ‘ team bundle’ of our mini wreath ring kits online here. Either make them together on a call, all following the instructions or enjoy making alone and bring them to the next call to compare and chat through the shared experience.

To achieve a wonderful little make and decoration for the home/desk all your team will need is this kit, scissors and a few little foliage or flower cuttings.

I am also looking to offer my services to join your team calls to make this during a new online team building session, this will be from the end of July. For those with access to more flowers and foliage, or would like us to arrange letter box flower delivery, then a ‘summer flower special’ team building session can be organised during August.

Finally for those local to us and wanting to join together in a confidence booster or join together with their friends in a socially distanced activity I will be putting out some sessions that will enable you to get in the summer/ festival/ perhaps even wedding/engagement spirit! More on this also to come!

So for now its a slow road back but we are ok with that, we will go at the pace of the team and ensure the wellness of those around us.

I hope that by giving your team a chance to create during a mindful shared activity you will support them to give much needed time to blossom and grow, and also reward their tenacity and hard work during the last 14 weeks.

Do say hello@oliveandblossom.com if you would like to chat through ideas for your team. I look forward to speaking with you, stay safe, Rachael x

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