Starting out

When starting out on your own the advice is often to do what you know. From a work people perspective, I have learnt many things over the last 15 years. 

I know from my time in industry and MCIPD qualification that whatever business you are in, if you get your people dynamics and strategies close to perfection the sky’s the limit. It’s very easy to say ‘we put our people first’ but what does that truly look like and how much value and time is given to this? In a busy and ever changing world it can be hard to stop. And think. And share. And be real.

I know many things about floristry too, from my City and Guilds night school training, Christmas stints in a hardworking local florist, to almost 2 years spent with a luxury online flower company as their office manager. 

I have certainly learnt that teams work best when we recognise our differences, break down barriers and spend time exploring who we are as individual to be truly great teams.

Doing what I know best and sharing my experiences through a creative experience. Now that sounds like fun to me. Are you in?

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