The Teambuilder

I’ve always been the ‘teambuilder’ (for those of you wanting a better definition…that’s the person who is interested in bringing others together and wants to create harmony amongst the group).

I’m unsure where this came from, perhaps being the youngest of 3 and the only girl contributed to this? Anyway, I digress. I’ve worked in many teams in various industries. In team settings, I can never understand when others can’t see what’s right there in front of them, why they can’t seem to connect the right person with the right skills and preferences into the right team, and especially why companies and managers spend so much time considering someone’s experience rather than observing the real and true behaviours a person can bring to the table. 

We often emphasise and spend time talking about what people can’t do (think of those end of year appraisals, we have all been there) rather than thinking about what the individual can do to contribute to the team and how we all benefit.

I probably believed the hype myself and took a while to see the light and get on with embracing what I do well, what my preferences are and channelling that into something worthwhile. So, there it is. I am a teambuilder by nature and I’m good at it. Olive + Blossom is built on and from my love of connecting people and bringing their best self to the for.

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